Where Eagles Dare….

Where Eagles Dare

Activity Holidays in Austria are incomplete without a few things you can do entirely on your own so this Active Days Out series is designed to showcase some of the sights of Austria to keep you informed and inspire you to do some exploring on your own.

In December 1968 UK cinema fans were treated to the latest offering from Alistair Maclean when ‘Where Eagles Dare’ hit the big screen, enshrining the call sign ‘Broadsword calling Danny Boy’ into the English language.  (Own up, how many of you cupped your hands to your mouth and tried to imitate Richard Burton?).  The story, about an allied attempt to rescue a captured US Army Brigadier General starred world famous actors Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood amongs many well known names and created a new cinematic star – the Schloss Adler.  The film was shot in the Austrian town of Werfen and the castle used was Burg Hohenwerfen, built in the 11th Century and perched 155m on a high rock above the Salzach Valley and approximately 60 minutes from the Activity Holidays Austria resort of Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser. 

The castle is one of three built around that time and Burg Hohenwerfen is known for it’s impregnability.  It’s been used as a military base, a hunting retreat as well as a residence for the Archbishops of Salzburg and also to house state prisoners including Counts, Governors and even a Prince Archbishop.  Gone are the days when the Archbishops of Salzburg ruled the surrounding province and the castle has also been used as training centre for Austrian police officers and is now open to the Public.

So what is it about this castle that makes it worth a visit?  It’s position offers wonderful views of the surrounding Alps and countryside and it’s a superb example of a defensive stronghold.  Today the renovated casstle houses an impressive weaponry collection as well as the historical Salzburg Falconry, who give daily flight demos with various birds of prey – a great way to see these magnificent birds close up.  This is a thoroughly enjoyable day out and, as the castle has been used in other TV and film work since 1968, you can try to spot the bits which were used in ‘Where Eagles Dare’ and ‘Just Married’ with Anton Kutcher.

The ‘Where Eagles Dare’ fortress is one of the popular Active Days out you can do when you’re not actively engaged in one of the many activities offered on your activity holiday in Austria.  For further information to find out just how easy it is to organise an activity holiday with us check out our website at www.activityholidaysaustria.com and find out more about Burg Hohenwerfen go to www.salzburg-burgen.at .

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Where Eagles Dare

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