The Stone Garden

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The Stone Garden

James Hughes has lived and worked in the Wilden Kaiser area for many years.  He loves to be out in the great outdoors and is naturally active so finds the Tirol a relaxing playground.  English by birth James, has travelled widely but always comes back to the Austrian Tirol for the winter season. 

In 2011 James was out walking in the area, following a stream, when he came across the aftermath of a landslide and found himself surrounded by dead wood and stones.  At first saddened by the devastation of such a lovely location James studied the debris and decided that he could make something from it – all naturally of course!  James then set about not only tidying up the location but turning it into a piece of natural art.  Using his eye for detail and love of working with natural material as well as his wide travel experience and set about creating The Stone Garden. 

Others soon discovered the quirky statues in the woods and as word spread locally more visitors soon called by, some even putting together their own creations, inspired by the originals.  This is an ever changing landscape, as everything is free-standing, so the statues change too.  Nothing is permanent, reflecting the character of Nature itself.

You can experience the delight of ‘natural art’ on an activity or walking holiday with us in the Wilden Kaiser area of the Austrian Tirol.  Check out Activity Holidays Austria for more details.

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