The Marmot Diaries – Day One

Woke up this morning to wonderful sunshine.  They’ve given me a basket in the corner of the office which I think I’m going to have to move because I’m not used to being woken up in the light.  They’ve also given me a ‘wool blanket’ which I have to say tastes very nice but I’m going to have to get some leaves and soil from somewhere soon because it’s not going to take long to polish off what they call my ’bedding’. 

Marmot Diaries Day One

First day at work at Activity Holidays Austria so I put on my best smile and my edelweiss neckerchief – so Alpine don’t you think! – and prepared myself to go and meet the gang.  I know they’ve brought me in for PR, whatever that is, so hopefully I’ll find out soon otherwise they might smell a rat, which would be sad as I’m related more closely to squirrels.

I’ve seen holidaymakers before – they wander around trying to catch a glimpse of us up near the GrossGlockner – but I’ve yet to meet any in my new capacity as the guests were up and out and off to Inner Tubing by the time we got to the hotel.  Imagine my delight then, to meet the charming, blonde, lady hotelier and to have my photo taken with her.  I was certainly a hit there.  I’ve haven’t quite got the hang of this modelling so instead I was just practicing a few of my best jokes on her which is why she’s laughing and I’m not looking at the camera.

This is one of Activity Holidays Austria’s most popular hotels and I must say it’s rather nice.  It’s just been refurbished so we took some photos to update the website.  Lots of wood and very tastefully done so we’re both a hit – the hotel and me – and I’ve been invited back so I’m sure there’ll be more photos coming this way soon.

Anyway, I’m just off for an afternoon nap (and some more of that ‘wool blanket’) before meeting the guests this evening.  It’s a bit more diverse than scurrying around a meadow all day so I’m a bit whacked to tell you the truth but so far so good so that’s OK.  Goodnight.



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