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The Stone Garden

James Hughes has lived and worked in the Wilden Kaiser area for many years.  He loves to be out in the great outdoors and is naturally active so finds the Tirol a relaxing playground.  English by birth James, has travelled widely but always comes back to the Austrian Tirol for the winter season.  In 2011 James was out walking in the area, following a stream, when he came across the aftermath of a landslide and found himself surrounded by dead …
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Active with Kneipp in Scheffau

The Five Pillars of Kneipp therapy represents the principles of Sebastian Kneipp, its founder.  Here guest blogger George Bauer, Kneipp Active Programme leader in Scheffau, explains the basics of this old but still practiced way to well-being. Water: ‘Kneipping’ is founded on cold water therapies.  Kneipp found that cold water immersions greatly aided his own path to recovery from tuberculosis so re-introduced water therapy for numerous other ailments.  He then went on to practice on other people and noted the …
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